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Cognizant Skygrade for Microsoft Azure debuts, offering cloud transformation services for Azure customers
Launch represents a key step in Cognizant's journey to provide integrated cloud transformation solutions for users of Microsoft Azure

TEANECK, NJ – March. 24, 2024 – Cognizant has debuted a dedicated version of Cognizant SkygradeTM for Microsoft Azure customers. The multi-hybrid cloud and edge management platform, which launched in April 2023, is now optimized to integrate with Microsoft Azure to help enterprise customers transition to modern, cloud-native architectures and streamline their cloud management operations.

Cognizant Skygrade is designed to enable enterprises to realize greater business value quickly and efficiently, while driving simplification, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. The Azure-optimized iteration of Cognizant Skygrade allows customers to modernize their business-critical applications to build differentiated digital experiences using Azure’s generative and responsible AI technology, cloud-scale data, and modern application platforms.

“Cognizant Skygrade for Azure is a critical tool for businesses that use Microsoft Azure within a multi-cloud environment,” said Prasad Sankaran, EVP, Cognizant Software & Platform Engineering. “This optimized version of Skygrade allows for the development of modern applications, deployable across public and hybrid environments to boost benefits from investments in Microsoft Azure, and further simplifies the process for businesses seeking to innovate through cloud and edge adoption.”

Cognizant Skygrade for Azure represents a comprehensive suite of tools, processes, and standards tailored for clients invested in Microsoft Azure, key features of which will include:

  • Bundled Azure Services: The platform offers a comprehensive cloud migration & modernization capability by bundling Microsoft Azure to migrate and modernize intelligent applications.
  • Integrated Expertise: Combining Microsoft Azure’s leading-edge services with Cognizant’s expertise in modernization, cloud management, and IT operations.
  • AI-Driven Techniques: Incorporates innovative AI-driven approaches to enhance Cognizant’s enterprise modernization and application management services.
  • Reference implementation: a full reference model of the Cognizant Skygrade for Azure stack, with relevant demos.
  • Comprehensive training: A program for Cognizant employees and clients covering the Azure services used in Cognizant Skygrade for Azure, to support implementation and scaling.

“This is an exciting step in our partnership with Cognizant, that will increase customers’ ability to execute large-scale cloud migration & modernization operations on Microsoft Azure,” said Marianne Roling, Vice President, Global System Integrators, at Microsoft. “As one of our most trusted partners, Cognizant has invested significantly to build capabilities and skills on the Microsoft Platform, making them uniquely positioned to engage on the most complex migration and modernization projects.”  

The integration of Skygrade on Azure will enable Skygrade to leverage Azure tools such as Azure Migrate to provide a comprehensive assessment of a customer’s data estate, and recommend the most optimal migration approach. Additionally, Skygrade for Azure combined with Cognizant’s deep expertise in enterprise modernization will enable modernized applications to leverage Azure’s Cloud Native and AI services, thereby enabling customers to deliver unique and innovative experiences while simultaneously realizing cost savings, achieving sustainability goals and unlocking new business opportunities across industries. 

For more information about Cognizant Skygrade, visit here.

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