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Announcing Cognizant Skygrade™️: A Multi-Hybrid Cloud and Edge Integrated Management Platform for Comprehensive Cloud Transformation

Cognizant has launched a multi-hybrid cloud and edge management platform designed to help firms transition to modern cloud-native architectures and streamline their cloud management operations. Cognizant Skygrade applies an industry-focused approach through a curated library of solution accelerators, enabling enterprises to realize greater business value quickly and efficiently, while driving simplification, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Firms that have successfully embraced cloud-native strategies have seen success in accelerating business innovations and digitizing processes while achieving cost savings and sustainability goals. However, enterprises often struggle to manage their cloud estates after migrating legacy applications, facing unexpected complexities and overheads that impede cloud-native transformation.

"Cloud and edge adoption are key enablers for business innovation. A cloud-native approach allows enterprises to develop modern, continuously evolving applications deployable across public, private, and hybrid environments with confidence," said Prasad Sankaran, EVP of Cognizant Software & Platform Engineering. "Cognizant Skygrade combines our expertise in modernization, cloud management, and IT operations, providing an integrated, industry-focused solution that accelerates cloud-native transformation while ensuring security, compliance, and cost optimization from the start."

Cognizant Skygrade integrates and operates seamlessly across multi-cloud environments, addressing the full lifecycle of cloud transformation and fusing Cognizant’s AIOps, operations and infrastructure modernization expertise in a comprehensive solution for digital transformation leaders. It works across infrastructure and application layers, allowing organizations to build, manage and run their cloud estate, modernize and migrate applications and govern usage and consumption, all in a secure, visible, and interoperable manner.

The Cognizant Skygrade platform presents an opportunity for enterprises to transform their technology estates, while generating greater business value and impact.

Learn more about Cognizant’s Cognizant Skygrade platform here.

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