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Cognizant Takes Third Place in LGBTQ+ 21 Days Ally Challenge

Cognizant is proud to be the third place winner in the 21 Days Ally Challenge by Pride Circle, India's premier Diversity and Inclusion Consulting firm. The firm works with more than 150 Indian and multinational organizations to foster inclusion.

A series of 21 virtual micro-challenges, actions and activities throughout the month of June, the 21 Days Ally Challenge aimed to have a holistic social impact by building a community of LGBTQ+ allies and taking conscious steps to recognize and neutralize biases and stereotypes t the LGBTQ+ community.

With a score of 12,985 and 256 allies, Cognizant placed third among 93 competing organizations. Cognizant participated in challenges such as: Introspect on Why You are Striving to Be an Ally; Coming Out Story; Learn about the Laws around LGBTQ+ in Your Country; Get Local, Find out about LGBTQ Organizations in Your City; and more.

To read more about the challenge, click here.

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