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Consulting Magazine: Cognizant’s Senior Vice President of Products and Resources Consulting Named to Top 25 Consultants List

Steve Skinner was named to Consulting Magazine’s Top 25 Consultants list for 2015. Skinner was honored in the Excellence in Retail category.

“The Top 25 Consultants are a distinguished group, for sure,” noted the magazine. “Through their efforts, they make all of us—as well as their firms, their clients and the entire profession—proud.”

“Steven Skinner’s resume is impressive,” the magazine wrote. “In his time at Cognizant, Skinner has made his presence felt.”

“Our clients are choosing our team because of the value we bring to them,” said Skinner. “The entrepreneurial decision-making environment [at Cognizant] is key.”

Skinner said the award is for Cognizant. “It means our firm is arriving in the marketplace as a provider of shareholder value for our clients,” he said.

When asked what the biggest factor to his success was, Skinner said: “Finding people who are smarter than I am and convincing them to work with me…Being transparent with my team on all elements of our business, their personal performance, and the challenges in front of our business. Being transparent and honest with my clients, regardless of the implications. Being open to new ideas based on facts that demonstrate my thoughts are incorrect.”

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