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Cognizant’s Bluebolt Innovation Initiative Gets Supercharged with Microsoft and Gen AI

By Alexis Samuel, SVP and Head of Global Delivery Excellence at Cognizant

Ideas are like lightning bolts – they strike anytime, anywhere. As we continue to advance Cognizant’s grassroots innovation initiative, Bluebolt, we’re investing in the best emerging technologies and resources that will speed the ideation and collaboration that’s essential to powering innovation for the clients we serve.

That’s why today, I’m proud to announce that we’ve integrated a generative AI (gen AI)-powered Innovation Assistant in collaboration with Microsoft that supercharges how Cognizant’s employees innovate, develop client-facing solutions, and solve problems through Bluebolt.

Launched last year and building on our decade-long focus on innovation, Bluebolt empowers our associates globally to harvest ideas – big and small – with the goal of advancing our clients’ success. At its heart, it strengthens our ability to co-innovate with clients – a growing need as they grapple with understanding and applying gen AI.

By integrating a new gen AI-powered innovation assistant, we’re adding horsepower to Bluebolt, driving greater creativity and ideation across our more than 350,000 professionals who are working to solve our client’s most pressing business challenges.

The Innovation Assistant accelerates how our teams around the world contribute ideas that can help our clients realize new value and meet competitive threats and customer demands more effectively. It enables our employees to access virtual guidance and real-world support by helping them harness Cognizant’s full depth of expertise, past knowledge, and co-innovation capabilities.

What’s noteworthy is the assistant is among the largest known enterprise-scale deployments of chatbot technology and is designed to generate context-based ideas and solutions while safeguarding sensitive information and client confidentiality.

With this launch, we’re taking another step forward in revolutionizing our approach to innovation. We’re helping our clients stay on the cutting edge of business transformation through a deeply trusted level of collaboration and co-innovation.

Here are a few ways we’re already seeing major progress:

  • Our employees have already submitted more than 100,000 Bluebolt ideas – surpassing our end of year goal. We’re continuing to raise the bar on more submissions from our associates in the year ahead and have a strong rewards and recognition program in place.
  • We’ve already implemented 21,000 of these ideas in the services that we deliver to clients.
  • We have also launched Bluebolt Garage, a program that capitalizes on our bench capacity and Gen C talent to develop rapid prototypes.

Innovation is a mindset – it’s a lens through which we imagine the potential of modern business to improve everyday life. And at Cognizant, we believe this power lives in all of us.

We’re confident our continued investment in Bluebolt will be an important driver to the momentum we continue to see in the crucial work we’re doing with thousands of leading enterprises around the world. 


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