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Cognizant Introduces Telco Assurance 360: AI-powered service assurance for the telecommunications industry

Telco Assurance 360, built on ServiceNow, offers telecom firms real-time visibility into network issues, and fast, proactive resolution through AI-powered analytics. 

Cognizant today announced the launch of Telco Assurance 360, a cloud-based, AI-powered solution, built on ServiceNow and designed to help telecommunications companies (telcos) reimagine their service management strategies to drive growth in the age of AI.

Telco Assurance 360 provides a single pane of visibility that correlates customer experiences with real-time network performance insights. This single view is designed to help telcos identify potential issues and provide proactive resolutions, powered by AI and automation, to enable more reliable, consistent network experiences for their customers.

The solution advances the two companies’ previously announced strategic partnership in AI-driven automation across industries, pushing the companies along their path toward building a $1 billion combined business for Cognizant and ServiceNow.

Telco Assurance 360 is built on ServiceNow’s industry-specific products, including Telecom Service Management (TSM), Telecom Service Operations Management (TSOM), and Telecom Network Inventory (TNI).  The solution leverages Cognizant’s expertise in cloud-native service orchestration and data-led service assurance capabilities to better optimize network performance. The solution aims to help service providers manage telecom networks across multiple domains and hybrid networks, and enables their SelfX (self-healing, self-optimizing, self-learning) journey.

“Telco Assurance 360 epitomizes the vision of Cognizant’s Industry Solutions Group as a provider of sophisticated, industry-oriented solutions to pressing client challenges” said Archana Ramanakumar, Global Head of Cognizant’s Industry Solutions Group. “In introducing this new solution, we are leveraging the collective strength of ‘One Cognizant’ in collaboration with ServiceNow, and demonstrating our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients.”

Along with the single-pane view into customer experience and service management, telcos can gain streamlined network operations and processes with this new solution, the key benefits of which include: 

  • A consolidated view of customer experience and service management, allowing for quick identification of issues and bottlenecks; 
  • The ability to better predict and prevent service disruptions through AI-powered analytics and automation, resulting in reduced downtime and increased customer trust; 
  • Simplified processes through automaton of routine tasks and a structured framework for managing service incidents; 
  • Leveraging insights from customer experience and service operations to continuously optimize the cost of service assurance. 

“ServiceNow is committed to delivering purpose-built offerings that address the telecom industry’s toughest challenges,” said Rohit Batra, general manager and vice president of telecommunications, media, and technology products at ServiceNow. “With Telco Assurance 360, ServiceNow and Cognizant will help customers deliver frictionless customer experiences that increase loyalty and drive down costs with automated remediation and a single platform that combines customer service and engagement.”

“Cognizant is delighted to further advance our partnership with ServiceNow by introducing Telco Assurance 360,” said Sriramkumar Kumaresan, Global head of Cognizant’s Cloud, Infrastructure and Security practice. “The integration of service orchestration and assurance marks a significant milestone in our commitment to reshaping service management practices and addressing the evolving challenges of the telecommunications industry. Telco Assurance 360 brings together innovation, enhanced delivery and improved performance measurement for a transformative business impact."

Telco Assurance 360 is available now to empower communications service providers to reimagine their service management strategies in the digital era. To learn more about Cognizant’s partnership with ServiceNow, visit this page, and here for more on Cognizant’s telecommunications industry expertise.

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