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“Integrating gaming into your organization can empower and excite employees, motivating them to overcome obstacles that might otherwise stand in the way of success and sustainable innovation,” writes Andres Angelani, Cognizant Softvision CEO.

Excerpts from’s article:

“Staying competitive in today’s fast-moving digital economy is easier said than done. Operating in a digital environment requires a significant shift in company culture and an agile software environment that accelerates time to value. Creating a DevOps environment helps companies keep pace, but it requires a workforce that is empowered, excited and motivated.

Gamification offers a unique opportunity to continuously engage your workforce by applying game-design elements and game principles into a corporate setting, making work more fun. Companies can develop a team-oriented Pod model that incorporates gamification to improve employee engagement and productivity, enable team members to work more efficiently, accelerate the learning curve and deliver more sophisticated products to market faster.

We typically focus on the output of each pod, rewarding collective behaviors and achievements that help the pod reach higher efficiency and quality targets. Collective badges are awarded to the pod while personal and peer-to-peer badges are awarded to the pod members. Pod badges are earned as a team and are focused on the health of the project, performance of the pod, quality of delivery and alignment with client objectives. A leader board displays the badges each pod earns, their experience points and their trophies. Pod and individual recognitions are celebrated over email and across Facebook Workplace, and shared with all employees.”

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