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Cognizant named as a Top Employer in Europe for 9th consecutive year

Top Employers Institute, an authority on recognizing excellence in people practices in organizations around the world, has named Cognizant as a Top Employer in Europe for the 9th consecutive year, receiving certifications in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

Every year, Top Employers Institute surveys eligible organizations and completes an in-depth evaluation process that looks at people practices. Organizations are surveyed based on a range of parameters such as onboarding, work environment, learning and engagement. Submissions are validated and scored, and if successful, the organization will be recognized as an employer of choice.

Cognizant particularly excelled in three categories, according to the Institute:

  • Steer: considers business, people, and leadership strategies (Cognizant rated at 96.45% vs. the benchmark of 90.93%)
  • Develop: looks at learning, performance and career management (93.99% vs. the benchmark of 85.38%).
  • Attract: looks at employer branding, talent acquisition & onboarding (Cognizant rated at 93.56% vs. the benchmark of 85.36%)

“We are committed to investing in and providing an environment where our associates can grow their careers, and positively impact our clients, colleagues, society and everyday lives,” said Becky Schmitt, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Cognizant. “This recognition is a great testament to our teams who work hard to create conditions for everyone to thrive.”

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