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Huffington Post UK: Cognizant’s AVP, Center for the Future of Work, Discusses the Future of AR and VR

“Much as composers, bricklayers and playwrights were in demand a century ago, we will also see the rise of AR journey builders as their 21st century successors,” writes Robert Brown. “They will help design, write, create, calibrate, gamify, build and – most importantly – personalise the next generation of amazing stories for experiences to enjoy during your commute, holiday or spare time.” Excerpts:

“The number of real life examples of augmented reality (AR) – and virtual reality (VR) – are on the increase, throughout the entertainment and media industry, and every industry far and wide.

AR journeys will increasingly crop up in our lives. Today’s compulsion for many of us to check our smartphones every five minutes transmutes into a frictionless path to AR tomorrow. Imagine a time when we no longer ‘go online’ via a PC or mobile, where our smart AR glasses of the future drive ubiquitous augmented, immersive computing, without totally blocking out ‘real reality’ all around us (as VR does).

The emergence of greater numbers of AR and VR tools will change the way we consume content – cue the rise of the Experience Economy. It will be a catalyst for stimulating more creativity and experiences in many facets of our lives. Do you want to experience what it is like to run a French vineyard? Imagine the day when will arrange it for you through VR and AR. AirBnB is already moving in this direction (in real-reality) with its ‘AirBnB Experiences’.

The influx of VR and AR means that in the future, you may also find yourself in a new type of job where it’s crucial to master these technologies. We are already seeing practical actions from progressive adopters. Think of the Royal London Hospital using VR to operate on a patient and Augmedix, Inc. and Google’s partnership to drive AR use in hospitals to enhance doctor-patient interaction by providing quick access to patient’s medical history.”

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