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Direct Marketing, US: Cognizant’s Co-Founder & Head of Strategy, Cognizant Digital Business Discusses How Digital Technologies are Changing the Work Done by Marketers

“AI is a challenge for marketers, but it’s also a force multiplier that can help achieve lower cost, mass personalization and growth at a scale that was unforeseeable on the day the first iPhone shipped,” writes Paul Roehrig. “Taking the right steps can set marketing on a growth trajectory and avoid a down quarter, a painful headline or even an extinction event.” Excerpts:

“Marketers know artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies are impacting their work. The list of responsibilities is longer. The budgets are tighter. The opportunities are growing (but so are the risks). You have more data and a seemingly endless ability to target ads and optimize spend. Yet it doesn’t seem to be making things easier.

Though we are really just getting started, we can apply lessons already learned as we connect AI to our own marketing practices. Here are five ways how:

  1. Don’t be creepy. Instead take action to avoid evil. Privacy and ethics must surround every moment of connection with consumers; they can no longer be an academic debate or required training courses
  2. Recognize that to be more digital, we need to be more human.
  3. Demand more. It’s time to demand more from your partners, their technology and their services. Insist that they link insight, creative, technology and marketing services like ad ops and content management to create more compelling consumer-grade experiences with AI at the centre.
  4. Use AI to bring the content economy to life.
  5. AI is your next generation marketing productivity improvement tool.

It’s up to marketing leaders to stay optimistic—'never short human imagination' 10—and get moving to flip the AI 'on-switch' for their companies."

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