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New University of Montana Study Spotlights Cognizant ATG’s Contribution to State Economy

A new study by the University of Montana’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) shows that Cognizant ATG in Missoula, Montana, more than tripled the number of employment opportunities at its site and grew fivefold in terms of economic output from 2017 through year-end 2021. Cognizant ATG specializes in customer and revenue management consulting and implementation services focused on the Salesforce Platform—Cognizant acquired ATG, including the Missoula location, in 2018.

In 2021 alone, Cognizant ATG’s economic output in the Missoula region was more than $122 million, according to the study. BBER’s analysis shows Cognizant ATG supported 814 jobs in the local Missoula economy last year, including the company’s own employment of approximately 300 individuals. Additional jobs in construction, retail trade, health care and a host of other industries were also supported through the company’s presence. Cognizant ATG is currently expanding its facilities in Missoula with construction of a new campus in the Old Sawmill District.

"Today we are more than 300 employees strong in Missoula and close to expanding into our new state-of-the art facility in the Old Sawmill District,” said Tom Stergios, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development and General Manager of the Missoula Solution Center at Cognizant ATG. “It’s incredibly satisfying to see the positive local impacts we’re making – the tech careers we’re fostering, the personal connections being forged, and the way our contributions overall are helping to keep the community vibrant.”

Cognizant ATG’s  Aim Higher Program, a training partnership with the University of Montana, has contributed to providing individuals with the skills to take on employment opportunities in the region. An innovative public-private partnership focused on reskilling and upskilling individuals for tech careers, the program has received national acclaim.  Since launching in 2019, the program has hosted seven cohorts of learners, leading to 224 individuals being hired into tech jobs across Montana.

“Our relationship with the University of Montana has never been stronger, we have a consistent emphasis to ensure DE&I is at the core of our decisions, and our Aim Higher Program continues to prove itself, ensuring folks with non-tech backgrounds have the opportunity to transition into the field and have a fast-growing career,” said Kym Corwin, Executive Director of Application Support Services at Cognizant ATG.

Produced for leading employers and industries across Montana, BBER analyses incorporate both public and company-provided data about local investment, employment rate, and revenue to assess how a company’s operations contribute to the local economy. BBER notes that the model “is a dynamic, input/output-based model of the Montana economy” developed to look at local, regional, and state economies. BBER says the study is a comparison of the actual levels of economic activity to the levels that would occur in the absence of Cognizant ATG, revealing the total economic footprint of the Cognizant’s operations in Missoula.

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