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Money FM, Singapore: Cognizant’s APAC Head says Effective Organizational Change Management is Key to Digital Success

“Any organization has to create an internal capability for change,” says Jayajyoti Sengupta, Head, Asia Pacific, Cognizant. “That means, how are we driving an agile and nimble and creative organization?” Excerpts:

“Change is a form of art, but change is also a form of science. How do we create this change more measurably, more objective, more repeatable, and create a fabric in the organization that gives change a lot more of a scientific form, from the art form of change?

There has to be an environment that enables people to create ideas, to be able to share their ideas.

The second thing which of course comes in, is the ability to experiment and experiment with new ideas. People should not be carrying a fear of failure. People should feel happy and proud to try out new things, and even if they fail, they fail fast, they fail early. But at the same time, that should not be that fear of failure.

The third thing which is very important is how do you communicate this change? How do we create new forms of prototypes? Often, when you look at the technology world or the changing world, we have to often depict our ideas. Now it, in order to depict our ideas, there are different forms of storytelling. How we create prototypes, models, and we all bring this together.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.