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Cognizant and Smart Factory Navigator AG partner up to democratize smart factory innovation
Left to right: André Ziemke (SFN AG), Alexander Gafner (Cognizant), Dr. Vlatko Davidovski (Cognizant), Adrian Rüedy (SFN AG)

The end-to-end partnership aims to drive an essential component of the future digital transformation journey of the manufacturing industry

Cognizant and Smart Factory Navigator AG (“Smart Factory Navigator AG”, an HSG Spin-off) have announced a strategic partnership to democratize smart factory innovation and accelerate the digital transformation journey of the manufacturing industry. The partnership builds on the successful track record of jointly executed digital initiatives related to smart factory since 2020, combining deep industry and process experience in manufacturing with digital transformation capabilities. The aim is to make smart factory accessible to all manufacturing businesses by providing them with simple access to the right use cases and matching solutions, empowering them to drive their digital transformation and strengthen the industry.

At the partnership’s core is the Smart Factory Navigator Framework (the “Framework”), which aims to democratize smart factory innovation and guide businesses to invest in the right digitalization projects. The Framework is based on the Smart Factory Framework, developed during a 5-year joint research phase at the University of St. Gallen and the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland to standardize the smart factory landscape. The Smart Factory Navigator Framework consists of over 800 digitalization initiatives, condensed into 44 of the most promising digital initiatives for manufacturing businesses to become leaders in smart manufacturing. The Framework aligns all relevant stakeholders to a shared vision and practical plan to translate real business problems and challenges into successful digital initiatives. The end-to-end partnership between Cognizant and Smart Factory Navigator AG ensures that the practical plan is successfully executed and scaled.

“The smart factory is a crucial component of the future transformation journey of the manufacturing industry,” said Adrian Rüedy, co-founder & CEO of Smart Factory Navigator AG. “We are excited to collaborate with renowned partner Cognizant, who shares our vision of smart factory democratization.”

Arvind Pal Singh, Industry and Consulting Leader, Products & Resources, Global Growth Markets at Cognizant, added, “We aim to make digitalization of the manufacturing industry accessible and bring Smart Factory as a unique value differentiator and competitive edge for global manufacturers. Our ecosystem and Framework empower clients to benefit from a practical approach to jumpstart their journey to smart factory, from blueprint to reality.”


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