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Cognizant Softvision Wins Two Web Excellence Awards

Awarded in the live event and live streaming categories

For the second consecutive year, Cognizant Softvision has won a pair of Web Excellence Awards, this year in the Live Event and Live Streaming categories. 

The live streaming award was for #Frontrunner, a seamless end-to-end streaming experience and capstone event at Programmers’ Week 2022. Thousands of participants from dozens of countries around the world joined the live streamed two-hour showcase, jam-packed with actionable insight and noteworthy speakers.

The live event award was given in recognition of Castle Incognito, a unique team building event for staff in Romania. The event was held at Banffy Castle in Bonțida, Romania, where the castle was already set to host the iconic Electric Castle festival to a crowd of many thousands the next day. With the stages set for the main event, Cognizant Softvision took over the music festival grounds the night before the public festival kicked off for a full day and night of personalized experiences, live music and team building. Castle Incognito was attended by more than 1500 participants and generated hundreds of thousands of media impressions.

This year’s Web Excellence Awards saw more than 1,200 entrants worldwide from 47 US states and 39 countries around the world. You can learn more about the awards and check out other winning submissions at

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