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Cognizant Softvision Wins Two Web Excellence Awards

Cognizant Softvision recognized for high standards of excellence in the advertising and marketing category

Cognizant Softvision recently received two Web Excellence Awards in the advertising and marketing category, one for photography and one for events.

The photography award was for best use of photography for its campaign celebrating International Women in Engineering Day. The International Women in Engineering Day campaign focused on women engineers and the impact COVID-19 has had on the entire organization. The photo exhibit features images that depict the engineers’ lives nearly 120 days into a completely virtual working environment brought on by the pandemic. The photos, taken by Argentina-based visual designer, Paula Fernandez offer a window into the lives of Cognizant Softvision women engineers.

The events award Cognizant Softvision received was for work on Programmers’ Week 2020. As 2020 and COVID-19 threatened to put an end to Programmers’ Week, Cognizant Softvision opted to move full steam ahead with its largest technical event of the year. Cognizant Softvision’s innovative strategies turned the usual in-person gathering into a completely virtual showcase, leading to an extremely successful event.

The Web Excellence Awards honor creative and innovative efforts, selected by a group of top-tier professionals based on a standard of excellence.

View Cognizant Softvision’s winning photo campaign here and the winning events submission here. Learn more about Web Excellence Awards here.

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