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Cognizant Named an AWS Contact Center Intelligence Consulting Partner, Focused on Transforming Customer Service

Cognizant announced that it has expanded its partnership with AWS by becoming an AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) consulting partner. As a CCI consulting partner, Cognizant will be able to offer off-the-shelf machine learning functionalities to customers to drive enhanced customer interactions. Capabilities include text-to-speech, translation, agent assist (chatbots), language comprehension and both real-time and post-call analytics through AWS cloud.

This partnership will empower Cognizant and AWS to expand its go-to-market strategy for clients globally who use cloud contact center platforms, such as Genesys, Five9 and Nice InContact. Cognizant will leverage its expertise in cloud, AI, and contact centers to accelerate digital transformation and deliver next-gen contact center solutions to enable the conversion of service calls to sales with real-time intelligence.

"Today, clients are looking for more intelligent and easier-to-use cloud-based solutions that leverage conversational AI to drive more effective self-serve customer interactions,” said Robert Vatter, Executive Vice President, and Head of Cognizant Enterprise Platform Service Group.  “By expanding our relationship with AWS to provide additional intelligent AI and machine learning capabilities, we gain new tools to support the digital transformation of contact call centers and enhance customer satisfaction.”  

For more information on Cognizant’s customer service transformation offers visit here.

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