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Cognizant Named a Leader in the MedTech Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

December 27, 2023 -- Cognizant has been recognized by Everest Group as a Leader in its MedTech Operations PEAK Matrix for 2023. In its report, Everest Group evaluated 15 service providers, placing 4 in the Leader category. Leaders are noted to offer a well-balance MedTech operations portfolio across the value-chain, a global delivery footprint, a wide partnership network, and drive superior client engagement. 

"In the rapidly expanding realm of MedTech, businesses strive to optimize operations while adhering to global regulations. Accelerated market entry, along with a favorable reimbursement profile and elevated customer service, is a cornerstone for a competitive edge. Forming strategic alliances with service providers remains pivotal for enterprises navigating the evolving regulatory and technology landscape," emphasized Abhishek AK, Vice President at Everest Group. 

"Cognizant's comprehensive suite of solutions across the entire MedTech value chain complemented by its robust technology solutions, including its innovative Neuro® suite, has supported enterprises to derive incremental value from operations. Additionally, Cognizant’s domain expertise across leading therapeutic areas along with its adeptness in implementation and transition management, has secured its position as a Leader in Everest Group's MedTech Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023." 

The report highlights Cognizant’s strong domain knowledge with expertise across all the major therapeutic areas within the medical device segment as well as its ability to serve MedTech clients of various sizes, indicating Cognizant’s understanding of clients’ needs and Cognizant’s ability to adapt its strategy accordingly. 

As stated in the report, “clients have appreciated Cognizant’s implementation and transition management capabilities, while highlighting its ability to identify and manage unforeseen problems.” Cognizant is dedicated to blending its domain expertise with cutting-edge technologies and generative AI to accelerate advancements in this field. 

Learn more about Cognizant’s MedTech services HERE

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