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Cognizant Neuro IT Operations Platform Puts AI-driven Automation At The Center of Digital Transformation

Cognizant has expanded its successful Neuro offering by launching the Neuro IT Operations platform, an AI-driven automation platform designed to reduce the complexity and operating costs of enterprise infrastructure and technology, enabling companies to pivot to an automation-first approach to IT operations.

Enterprises with large technology estates, including combinations of legacy and modern applications, are faced with increasing run costs and high demands on talent to keep IT operations running effectively. As risks to service availability and uptime increase, enterprises are left with little ability to focus on what drives business value – innovation. This a defining challenge across industries that requires new technology and fresh thinking to solve.

“Enterprises are at a critical inflection point as IT budgets are increasingly consumed by high run costs, crowding out the funding and human attention necessary to innovate,” said Prasad Sankaran, EVP of Cognizant’s Software & Platform Engineering. “Cognizant Neuro IT Operations enables a new level of human-machine collaboration that promises to fundamentally transform IT for the next phase of AI-driven digital transformation, yielding game-changing productivity, efficiency, observability and resilience.”

Cognizant Neuro IT Operations is securely built on state-of-the-art technology, complemented by Cognizant’s human expertise, to deliver an end-to-end, single pane view of observability, AI, workflow and automation tools that improves resilience, helps manage complexity and gives full visibility and control over IT operations. Once integrated, the platform’s AI continuously studies operational data to learn, improve operations and develop deeper, actionable insights.

Built to integrate seamlessly within an enterprise’s IT infrastructure and interoperably with existing tooling, Cognizant Neuro IT Operations offers a rich repository of pre-trained models, configurations, and automation widgets around common processes. This enables clients to rapidly adapt and drive adoption.

The platform offers digital transformation executives access to the latest advances in AI and automation, built on Cognizant’s deep experience modernizing legacy systems and orchestrating across the enterprise to engineer modern, agile businesses.

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