Castle Incognito Festival Connects Softvisioners from Across Romania

On July 9th, over 1,500 employees, collaborators and alumni of Cognizant Softvision gathered at Bánffy Castle in Bonțida, Romania for a cultural festival and team-building event. The event, entitled Castle Incognito, marked the first collaboration between Cognizant Softvision and the Electric Castle Festival, a popular music festival held each summer at the Bánffy Castle since its inception in 2013.

Castle Incognito included 16 performances from top artists across three stages. Performers included comedians, such as Bogdan Drăcea, Sorin Pârcălab, and Ioana Luiza, as well as content creators and musicians. Musical headliners included Irina Rimes, Hayex Fusion, and DJs Sugar, DJ K-lu, Blanilla, and Madliquid. The event also provided food, beverages, and games, such as ping pong and giant Jenga.

Last year, Cognizant Softvision Romania hired more than 1,000 new employees, and after two-plus years of social distancing due to the global pandemic, the organization and Softvisioners were looking for a creative way to gather and recharge and reconnect. For many attendees, Castle Incognito was their first chance to meet new colleagues, see each other face-to-face, and get to know one another.

Mihai Constandis, Cognizant Softvision Romania Country Manager remarked on the event’s significance.

“Cognizant Softvision has always enjoyed a vibrant culture. One of our strengths is the way we manage to adapt to any situation, thanks in large part to our business model, which is focused around Communities. Thus, after two-plus years of working remotely, we all felt the need to be together again – to better connect with our technical communities as well as with business partners, collaborators, and even former colleagues who stayed close to us. It is a special opportunity to express our authentic culture and share unique experiences, innovation, and connections,” said Mihai.

Discover the Castle Incognito festival experience through this video and pictures here.