Cognizant Wins Award for Best Proxy Statement

Cognizant has once again been recognized for our proxy statement, winning the Corporate Governance Award for Best Proxy Statement (Large Cap) from Corporate Secretary. This award recognizes the completeness of legal disclosures, the effectiveness of communication elements, readability, timeliness of filing, visual design elements and overall layout.

This most recent award follows on Cognizant receiving the 2021 U.S. Transparency Awards for Best Overall Corporate Disclosure out of the Fortune 250 and third place in the subcategory award for Best Proxy Statement. It also follows on Cognizant winning last year’s US Transparency Award for Best Proxy Statement. The US Transparency Awards recognize the quality and completeness of information that top US companies make available to investors. Rankings are determined through review of annual proxy statements, annual reports on Form 10-K, investor relations websites, codes of conduct, and the first ever plain language award for proxy statements. Each company’s documents are scored using 148 discrete criteria that flesh out the four pillars of transparency.

“We are very pleased to be recognized for this honor,” said Harry Demas, Deputy General Counsel, Corporate, Securities and M&A and Assistant Corporate Secretary, Cognizant. “Our proxy statement is the product of a number of years of work advancing the design with the goal of providing transparency and effective communication for our shareholders. Cognizant is a leader in providing digital services to our clients, and we have similarly endeavored to be at the forefront of graphical proxy design for the digital era.”

Learn more about the Corporate Governance Awards here.

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