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Cognizant Wins UiPath 2021 Partner Award

Cognizant has been selected as the Global Growth Partner of the Year in the UiPath 2021 Partner Awards.

UiPath is a leader in enterprise automation software industry. Its end-to-end automation platform is designed to reshape the way humans work, providing customers with a robust set of capabilities to discover automation opportunities and build, manage, run, engage, measure, and govern automations across departments within an organization. UiPath created the Partner Awards to recognize achievements in growth, innovation, and joint customer success. The awards highlight “partners who demonstrate consistent innovation and collaboration leading to lasting, sustainable impact on their customers’ businesses.”

Cognizant is recognized as a leader in evangelizing UiPath growth products. They have been a pioneer in shifting to intelligent automation by leveraging the UiPath platform and its products such as Process Mining, Task Mining, Document Understanding & AI Center, and Testing Suite with a focus on solutions and capabilities for scaling client’s automation programs.

“We are pleased to be recognized by UiPath as Global Growth Partner of the Year,” said Girish Pai, Global Head, Intelligent Process Automation Practice, Cognizant. “Today’s companies must drive adoption and growth, using automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to optimize customer, product, and support experiences. Partnering with UiPath, we have reimagined processes with human and digital intelligence to accelerate transformation and helped their business sense the future. We look forward to our continued partnership with them.”

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