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Cognizant Rebrands ESG Mobility as Cognizant Mobility: Official Launch at IAA Mobility 20

With the acquisition of ESG Mobility in 2021, Cognizant has reinforced its focus on research and development for intelligent, connected mobility across Europe. The company will share its vision for the future of the German automotive industry at IAA Mobility 2021 as well as introduce the new division, Cognizant Mobility.

Cognizant Mobility offers services across the entire range of automotive software. With headquarters based in Munich, Cognizant Mobility focuses on design, integration and operation of complex, security-related electronic and IT systems for connected, autonomous and electric vehicles. With approximately 800 Cognizant Mobility specialists, the expertise lies in digital research and development for autonomous and connected cars with a focus on:

  • IT & Connected Applications,
  • Electronic Engineering (EE) Complete Vehicle Development,
  • Data Analytics & Cyber Security, and
  • System Integration and Testing.

Building on Cognizant’s and ESG Mobility’s joint automotive and connected vehicles engineering expertise, Cognizant Mobility can offer 30 years of combined, experience in the mobility industry, backed by Cognizant’s overall global network of 290,000 tech experts.

"The biggest challenge for the German automotive market in the next few years will be smart testing of IT and E/E in particular," says Rolf Werner, managing director, Cognizant DACH. "Car manufacturers and related suppliers are in danger of being caught in the complexity trap of the sheer number of product variants unless steps are taken now. Early, smart testing coupled with efficient test automation allows them to develop competitive products.

''Cognizant Mobility will help drive the digitalization of the German automotive industry and enhance the German position in the international market”, adds Werner. “We are using our know-how as specialists in digital research and development for autonomous and connected cars, coupled with our global Cognizant Mobility delivery centres (Germany, Romania, USA and China) to create synergies.“

"The automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation, focusing on new mobility concepts that rely heavily on software, connectivity and artificial intelligence," said Jörg Ohlsen, managing director of Cognizant Mobility. "Cognizant Mobility will address both current and future far-reaching developments within the connected automotive arena. Cognizant's deep industry knowledge, combined with ESG Mobility's expertise in automotive software and systems, offers our customers complete solutions. With Cognizant Mobility, we offer the industry new opportunities to operate on a larger scale“.

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