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Cognizant Enables Geisinger Health Plan’s Early Adoption of New CMS Interoperability Mandate, Providing Members with Enhanced Access to Their Healthcare Data

Cognizant and Geisinger Health Plan (GHP) announced their successful collaboration has helped the insurer become one of the first U.S. health plans to comply with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandate on interoperability.

The new government regulation on interoperability aims to enhance health plan members access to their own health data, allowing them to port their information across apps, doctors, and hospitals. GHP received CMS approval for its early compliance with the mandate on June 23 for its Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Cognizant and GHP have worked together since 2015 on a full suite of health insurance operational and digital services, including supplemental staffing, technology consulting, and implementation of Cognizant’s TriZetto Facets solution to support its claims, clinical, and member enrollment processes. Today, GHP provides healthcare coverage for more than half a million members and maintains a provider network of more than 17,000 primary care and specialty doctors, over 1,800 primary care locations, and 132 clinic and urgent care locations in Pennsylvania.

This newest engagement between Cognizant and GCP for interoperability compliance includes technology integration, project management, quality assurance, and consulting services. Cognizant’s SaaS solution enables GHP’s government program members, and their delegates, to access their healthcare information online at any time so that they can make more informed decisions with their healthcare providers.

“Ensuring compliance with CMS regulations is both crucial to our government relationships as well as for our members,” said Kurt J. Wrobel, President, Geisinger Health Plan and Executive Vice President, Insurance Operations. “Our members expect a secure, seamless experience when accessing and using their personal health data. Our work with Cognizant has been an integral part of fulfilling our members’ needs and expectations.”

“We are proud to collaborate with GHP on their digital modernization journey and to have helped them reach this important industry-leading milestone in compliance and member services,” said Surya Gummadi, Cognizant Senior Vice President and Global Head of Healthcare. “We look forward to continuing our work with the Geisinger team in adapting to the evolving marketplace and member needs.”

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