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Cognizant Releases 2020 Environmental, Social, Governance Report

Cognizant has published its 2020 environmental, social, governance (ESG) report, titled “Living Our Purpose.”  The report outlines our approach to integrating ESG considerations into our business strategy while navigating an ever-changing world, including addressing developments like the COVID-19 pandemic, climate and the need for technology skills.

Cognizant’s deep sense of purpose—Engineer modern businesses to improve everyday life—provides the foundation for its ESG agenda. The report explains how Cognizant’s employees are living this purpose and leadership is taking action to integrate ESG considerations into the business.

“I’m proud to see Cognizant’s ESG agenda come to life in our new report with a view into how we are embedding ESG into our business strategy,” said Sophia Mendelsohn, Global Head of ESG and Chief Sustainability Officer. “We have both humility and determination about this endeavor—humility because we know we are in the early stages of our ESG journey, and determination because we know how impactful we can ultimately be in contributing to a more sustainable future.”

The report highlights areas where Cognizant is building momentum with its ESG agenda, including:

  • Developing a companywide climate action strategy and planning public, time-bound greenhouse gas reduction goals
  • Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment that is multi-cultural, multi-generational, and multi-talented to keep our business at the forefront of innovation
  • Making a positive impact in our communities through Outreach—our employee volunteering arm and India and US Foundation programs and partnerships
  • Using our technology and thought leadership to help our clients

To learn more, read the full report here.

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