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Cognizant Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Drive for 650,000 Strong Ecosystem of Associates, Families, and Support Teams Across India

Mobilizes delivery 1,000 oxygenated beds, ventilators, lifesaving supplies through USD 8.5 million relief funding

Cognizant has announced its nationwide drive to vaccinate more than 650,000 associates, their families, support teams and continue delivery of life-saving supplies to worst hit communities including 1000 oxygenated beds, ventilators, and vaccinations through USD 8.5 million (approximately 60 crores) in COVID relief funding.

The efforts are a part of - Operation C3 - Cognizant’s COVID-19 rapid response program to combat the pandemic which is aimed at protecting the health and safety of associates, their families, and extends to enterprise and vulnerable communities.

“We are committed to deploying all the resources available to us to help the country overcome this humanitarian crisis. Our first priority is to protect our associates, their dependents, and support teams during these challenging times. We have partnered with top-tier healthcare providers and hospitals with pan India presence to help ensure access to critical health services and vaccinations. Through our emergency funding to our foundation and UNICEF, we have mobilized lifesaving care for vulnerable and differently abled communities, including vaccinations,” said Rajesh Nambiar, Executive Vice President and Chairman, Cognizant India.

The vaccination drive for associates and families, launched in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Gurgaon, is expanded to 100 vaccination centers (CVCs) across 40 cities, and will be further extended. The vaccinations will be administered at Cognizant’s own facilities and through a network of hospitals managed by healthcare providers, including, Apollo, Columbia ASIA, Fortis and Manipal. Cognizant will cover the costs of vaccines, enable time-off and ensure vaccine reimbursements, where needed.

Additionally, Cognizant India Foundation has collaborated with several NGOs and health authorities to mobilize delivery of 1000 oxygenated COVID care beds for free community, pediatric ICU units, over 7 lakhs personal protective equipment (PPE) for front line workers, and special vaccination camps for people with disabilities and their care-givers. More than 8000 people have received vaccinations in these camps so far in the ongoing drive.

Cognizant has built several resources to support associates and their families in India, including a dedicated 24/7 emergency care helpline, virtual doctor consultations, COVID care hospital rooms with oxygen support, home quarantine care in 12 cities, enhanced insurance coverage, medical aid, and coverage for testing and vaccinations. The company has also rolled-out fully paid COVID leave for impacted associates or those serving as caregivers.

To combat the deadly second wave, the company granted USD 2 million (approx. INR 15 crores) in emergency funding to UNICEF, USD 6.2 million (approx. INR 45 crores) to operationalize relief efforts through Cognizant India Foundation and Outreach programs. USD 300,000 (approx. INR 2.1 crores) has been donated by Cognizant’s India and global associates towards the relief efforts. The company through UNICEF is supporting the set-up of 25 oxygen plants for hospitals in the Northeast and Maharashtra.

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