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LinkedIn Names Cognizant a Top Company in the US and India

LinkedIn has named Cognizant a Top Company in both the US and India. Cognizant ranked 33rd of 50 companies in the US and 2nd of 25 companies in India.

The LinkedIn Top Companies list analyzes the actions of LinkedIn members to rank the top workplaces for professionals to grow their careers. There are seven pillars, each revealing an important element of career progression within a company, and all pillars are based on LinkedIn data:

  • Ability to advance: Tracks how employees get promoted both at the company and when they land a new position externally, based on standardized job titles
  • Skills growth: Looks at how employees across the company are gaining skills while employed at the company, using standardized LinkedIn skills
  • Company stability: Tracks attrition over the past year as well as percentage of employees that stay at the company at least three years
  • External opportunity: Looks at Recruiter outreach across employees at the company
  • Company affinity: Tracks connection volume among employees, controlled for the company size
  • Gender diversity: Measures gender parity within a company and its subsidiaries
  • Educational background: Examines the variety of educational attainment among employees, from no degree up to Ph.D. levels, reflecting a commitment to recruiting a wide range of professionals

“We are happy be named to the LinkedIn Top Companies lists in both India and the US,” said Becky Schmitt, Chief People Officer. “As we transform the companies the world relies on, our people are our difference. We are focused on supporting the many ways our associates can make a positive impact at Cognizant – on their clients, on society, on each another and on their own lives.”

Learn more about LinkedIn Top Companies in the US here and India here.

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