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Cognizant Transforms IT Services, Receives KAIZEN Achievement Award from Toyota

Cognizant has received the 2019 KAIZEN Achievement Award from Toyota for its work helping the company implement new models of improvement within IT services as well as increasing efficiencies for the organization. Created in 2011, the KAIZEN Awards recognize those partners who drive continuous improvement and inspire change among industry leaders.

A long-time partner of Toyota, Cognizant was selected for the award from thousands of suppliers that currently provide services to the company. A key part of the digital transformation Cognizant has helped drive at Toyota is to drive an experience-center-based operating model that provides better alignment to business, more innovation, higher performance and full accountability. In order to achieve these transformation goals, Cognizant challenged the status quo, by infusing innovation through significant automation and service efficiencies that fundamentally changed the way IT is delivered to the company and for its customers.  

“The KAIZEN Achievement Award denotes a significant milestone in our ongoing relationship with Toyota,” said Sriram Raghavan, Cognizant AVP, SBU Head - Manufacturing & Logistics. “Receiving this award demonstrates our mutual commitment to Toyota’s success and Cognizant ability to continuously innovate and develop new delivery models to meet the needs of our clients. We are honored to receive this recognition.”

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