ITA PRO, U.S.: Cognizant Helps Insurance Company Improve Its Customer Experience by Going Digital

"Investment in digital and mobile-first products is an essential step to compete for new business and maintain an existing customer base that expects convenience, security and innovative products," says Ben Bengtson, Global Leader, Insurance Industry Markets for Cognizant. "Today’s policyholders, agents and insurance carrier employees expect higher levels of sophistication in the tools with which they conduct business. As a dedicated partner with National Life, we are helping them take some dynamic steps in that direction."

Excerpts from ITA PRO’s article:

“National Life’s ‘Customer Experience Program’ was launched in 2017, designed to create a digitally seamless experience for their customers and the employees who service them. The first key objective was to design, build and introduce a new policyholder portal and mobile app by mid-2018.

Cognizant consultants helped National Life better understand its competitive landscape, define its customer habits, and collaborate on the development of the customer portal and mobile app. These first two tools were launched in June of 2018, and the initial results were promising — and very positive.

With Cognizant’s help, National Life is now embarking on a multi-year journey to transform the company’s digital strategy. It’s a strategy designed to modernize the entire customer experience.”

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