Enterprise Tech, U.S.: Cognizant’s Global VP & Head of AI Says AI Cameras will Become Increasingly Capable

“Today humans spend a great deal of time staring at monitors, waiting for something to happen,” says Bret Greenstein. “In the next year, thanks to AI, cameras will be able to understand what they are looking at and not just ‘see’ images.”

Excerpts from Enterprise Tech’s article:

“The future, of course, is AI in all its aspects. AI is at the technology crossroads, the mother of all convergence points. AI innovation is accelerating and AI technology is rapidly gaining in capability. Going slower is AI ‘operationalization’ in the enterprise, but the bulk of high-end IT vendor activity in 2018 was focused on piecing together, falteringly but forwardly, the platforms on which colossal AI power will function.

On the visual AI front, Bret Greenstein, global VP/head of AI at Cognizant Digital Business, said AI cameras will become increasingly capable and real time.

‘AI cameras will understand and act on what they see,’ he said. ‘AI driven cameras will be spot and prevent theft; on the road they’ll detect drowsy drivers; and, at home, they’ll notify owners of suspicious activities outside their front door… In Cognizant’s research, roughly two-thirds of executives indicate that they are exploring projects that employ computer vision AI technologies.’”

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