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SRF 3, Switzerland: Radio Program Examines Jobs of the Future based on Cognizant Study

Vera Bergen of SRF 3 discusses five jobs of the future based on Cognizant’s 21 Jobs of the Future study. Click on the links to hear the audio in German. Excerpts:

“In its study ‘21 Jobs of the Future’ the consulting firm Cognizant assumes that the robotic revolution will not lead to mass unemployment. Quite the contrary: digitalisation will create new jobs.

But exactly what kind of jobs will we be doing in the future? We have five suggestions.

  1. Walker and Talker: In our ageing society, many elderly people are lonely. Walkers and talkers spend time with the elderly on an hourly basis. As the name suggests, you go for walks with them and talk to them.
  2. Urban Vertical Farmer: Scarce resources and limited space mean that new places to grow plants have to be found. So why not use urban skyscrapers as greenhouses?
  3. The new commercial apprenticeship: The commercial traineeship is currently the most frequently chosen vocational education in Switzerland and, according to the Swiss Commercial Association, is expected to remain so. A completely redesigned commercial traineeship is set to be introduced by 2022. But what might it look like in 2033?
  4. I-Cop: In the past, the public space began just outside the front door. Today, the public space begins when we hit the keys on our computer and present our lives on social media. This means that the profession of police officer is also shifting. The Zurich City Police already has two officers on patrol in digital space.
  5. Metal Construction Supply Chain Engineer: The metal and steel construction industry is facing a major disruption. The profession of a metal construction engineer demands ever more technical expertise and is shifting more and more towards logistics, material purchasing and storage. That’s why the Metal Construction Engineer of 2028 is perhaps more likely to be called Metal Construction Supply Chain Engineer.”