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Insurance Business, Australia: Cognizant’s Global Head of Insurance Practice Says Drones Will Continue to Drastically Impact the Insurance Underwriting and Claims Process

According to Muthu Kumaran, the use of drones has and will continue to drastically impact the claims space. He says that drones have emerged as “a game-changing trend in recent years” as insurance processes continue to evolve.

“Where previously drones have been used for military and combat operations, drones are now finding their way into the insurance market and have drastically impacted the insurance underwriting and claims process,” Kumaran says.

Kumaran notes that the use of drones in the aftermath of natural disaster will be important in the future to not only speed up response to disaster, but also to ensure safety for assessors working in disaster-hit areas. By taking to the skies, the industry can virtually eliminate risk of injury during the claims process.

He adds that the use of technology in claims allows for more accurate reserving and assessment as new processes can be deployed quickly.

“The advantage of new technologies in claims, in particular, is the chance to use preconfigured components to form the heart of digital claims solutions,” Kumaran says. “This not only leads to increased efficiencies, accuracies, and customer benefits, but also fosters a wider culture of innovation within the claims space.”

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