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The Business Times, Singapore: Cognizant’s APAC Head Says the Future of Work Will be About Empowering the Workforce to Work in Tandem With Machines

“The future of work will be about leveraging digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and the Internet of Things, as fundamental enablers of increased productivity and innovation, while empowering the workforce to work in tandem with machines,” says Jayajyoti Sengupta about how the workplace and the profile of workforce will be in 10 years’ time.

“Amid rapid changes in core job skillsets brought about by the digital era,” he says, “it will involve doubling down on uniquely human analytical, strategy and leadership skills that require constructive thinking and cannot be replaced with robot technology.”

He adds, “The emphasis will be on acquiring new skills that catalyze thinking, problem-solving, and delivering in smarter, more creative and productive ways. Being more digital will be about being more human.”

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