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Cognizant Softvision Recognized For Delivering Exceptional Employee Experience at Romanian Awards Gala

Cognizant Softvision was recently recognized at The Diplomat Bucharest’s 18th annual 2022 Awards Gala, which celebrates excellence and achievements in the Romanian business community. The Diplomat, one of Romania’s oldest and most prestigious business publications, recognized Cognizant Softvision in the ‘Best Workplace - Employer Branding Experience’ category.

The ‘Best Workplace - Employer Branding Experience’ accolade is a category that began in 2020, specifically to recognize employers who create talent experiences and client-centric strategies. According to The Diplomat, Cognizant Softvision demonstrated that it lives and breathes this strategy, having created numerous experiences for their employees, clients, or partners.

“This company created experiences, memories and activities that brought their talent together, recreated the pre-pandemic sense of belonging and purpose, and managed to prove once again that this actually is ‘The Place To Be. Now and Beyond,’ as their Employee Value Proposition slogan proudly expresses,” stated Mirela Gavra, Founder, The Diplomat Bucharest.

During the awards gala, Maria Hostiuc, Culture Experience Regional Director, Cognizant Softvision, spoke about the significance of the award.

“A much wiser person than me once said that customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. The past couple of years one of our core objectives was to create experiences for our talent and clients that create a sense of belonging and purpose. Programmers’ Week and Castle Incognito  are just a few examples of the activities that we’ve created for our teams and partners to enjoy,” she said.

This marks the third such award for Cognizant Softvision this year. In May, Outsourcing Today, a Romanian business platform and publication, recognized Cognizant Softvision in the ‘Most Transformed Workplace’ and ‘Digital Transformation Initiative of the Year’ categories.

Raluca Dolan, HR Director, Cognizant Softvision, commented, “Unforgettable experiences are hard to come by. Programmers want experiences that they have never had before, as they create experiences through technology that all of us enjoy. We appreciate the recognition and look forward to continuing our efforts in the new year.”


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