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Cognizant Commits to Driving Disability Inclusion, Joins ‘The Valuable 500’

Cognizant has joined The Valuable 500, a global movement that is putting disability on the business leadership agenda. Launched two years ago, The Valuable 500 is a catalyst for large private sector corporations to be the tipping point for change and unlock the social and economic value of people living with disabilities across the world.

To excel in our knowledge-intensive business and deliver exceptional value to clients, we rely on the capabilities, creativity and insights of our approximately 290,000 associates. Our diversity and inclusion strategy, Completely Cognizant, strives to create conditions for everyone to thrive and to welcome and encourage diverse perspectives from across our organization, including people with disabilities.

As a part of The Valuable 500 Cognizant is committed to driving deeper disability inclusion by:

  • Enhancing our Unite Affinity Group by providing additional resources for associates with disabilities, caregivers and allies.
  • Implementing a transparent process for workplace adjustments needed for people with disabilities and increase knowledge of available support services and tools.
  • Creating a safe and welcoming forum for the collective group voice to be heard regarding community issues and needs.
  • Advancing our associates’ understanding of disabilities to help eliminate bias and drive inclusive behaviors and an environment of belonging.

“Life relies on diversity to adapt to changing conditions,” says Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries. “Organizations are no different. For Cognizant, D&I is not only the right thing to it do but foundational to our ability to innovate, learn, grow, and provide increasing value to our clients year after year.”

Learn more about The Valuable 500 here.

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