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Cognizant Helps CapSpecialty on Rapid Deployment of Its Modern Data Platform

CapSpecialty acknowledges Cognizant's data modernization and digital transformation thought leadership, execution models, and accelerators – generating maximum business benefits quickly

Cognizant announced the successful completion of a new data platform setup for CapSpecialty, a subsidiary of Alleghany Corporation (NYSE:Y), and a leading provider of specialty insurance for small and mid-sized businesses across the U.S. CapSpecialty sought Cognizant’s expertise to implement a modern cloud-based data platform, which would enable the insurer to garner data-based insights, improve operational efficiencies, and support its growing business needs.

The data transformation initiative helped CapSpecialty modernize its data architecture and address data integrity challenges. CapSpecialty partnered with Cognizant to set up a modern infrastructure and developed an AWS Cloud-based data platform in four months. This effort consolidated CapSpecialty’s disparate policy, premium, and member data, as well as allowed the insurer to sunset its legacy platform. With this foundation, Cognizant continues to work with CapSpecialty to deliver secure, scalable and highly responsive solutions, which offer advanced analytics, real-time analytics, app integration, and lower operational costs.

The engagement has demonstrated the value of having customer data that is both secure and accessible. This allows CapSpecialty to make quick and thoughtful decisions to drive growth and respond to market needs.

“I’m impressed with all that the team has accomplished in such a short time frame and highly value the ability to get access to comprehensive data quickly to facilitate more effective decision making,” said Jack Sennott, CEO of CapSpecialty. “It is clear to me that this work is going to help us do that here at CapSpecialty.”

“Today’s business leaders must make effective use of data and analytics. A key impediment is that the data remains inaccessible,” said Meera Krishnamurthy, Global Head of Insurance at Cognizant. “The cloud-based data modernization approach provided CapSpeciality a highly accessible, useful, and compliant platform that delivers speed, savings, and the ability to power analytics for its business,”

CapSpecialty’s recognition of the value of data modernization and its trust in Cognizant’s ability to meet its data delivery needs demonstrates that client partnership drives business success for both organizations.

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