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Cognizant Receives ‘Champions of Good’ Recognition

For the second time, Cognizant has been recognized as a ‘Champion of Good’ by the Company of Good in Singapore.

Launched in 2017, Champions of Good recognizes organizations that are “exemplary in doing good and have also been a multiplier by engaging their partners and stakeholders on a collaborative journey.”

Named among 74 companies, including American Express, Unilever, and Visa, Cognizant was recognized for driving collaborative impact through active advocacy by engaging with clients, partners, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGO). Through its differentiated strategy, themed “Smart Nation, Caring Nation,” Cognizant builds digitally inclusive and caring communities by channeling the passion of its associates for a shared purpose. The company’s strategic giving framework, with digital inclusion for students, seniors, and NGOs, was also instrumental in achieving this recognition. Cognizant works with NGOs, tech partners, and clients to deliver tangible outcomes in the focus areas of ‘Supporting Inclusion in Tech’ and ‘Increasing Community Impact.’

“We are really pleased to receive this recognition from Company of Good,” said Deepak Prabhu Matti, Global Head of Cognizant Outreach. “As a global organization, we have an incredible opportunity to support inclusion in tech and have a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work. Cognizant Outreach provides an official and integrated platform for associates to volunteer their time to improve everyday life, leveraging their passion and varied professional skills.”

Learn more about Champions of good here.

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