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B&T, Australia, Cognizant’s Director, Center for the Future of Work, Discusses the Marketing Office of the Future

“There is new work for people to do to ensure that key moments for consumers last,” writes Ben Pring. “Thanks to technology, new jobs have been created ― and will continue to be created ― to help marketing thrive in the future.”

Excerpts from B&T’s article:

“Technology is opening up a world of possibilities for CMOs and their teams, and it’s calling for new tasks and activities ― in effect, new jobs ― to be created. So what’s the new mandate for marketers to ensure that their roles are futureproofed, but still anchored in the responsibility of connecting people to stories, brands and experiences?

In a world of hyper-connectivity, the CMO mandate for the next 10 years pivots on resonance: making meaning for the consumer and building brand experiences that last. The point for marketers is not about getting people to find a suitable product, service or brand, but getting them to stick around. Capturing mindshare used to be the thing, but making it linger is the new trick.

In light of this shift, we’ve conducted in-depth research on the roles that are likely to emerge over the next decade, and become cornerstones of this new CMO mandate. Some major on technology, while others require an extra dose of empathy and emotional intelligence that only humans can provide.

These jobs are not science fiction ― they’re jobs CMOs will ask their HR departments to fill and their CFOs to fund before too long. From “Purpose Planner” to “Master Storyteller”, to “Sixth Sense Analyst” and “Object Persuasion Manager”, these highly diverse roles are also geared towards tapping into the consumer of the future at every touch point.”

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