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The Times of India: Cognizant CEO Speaks About What Makes Cognizant “the Usain Bolt of IT Services”

“I think less about size and scale and more about what our customers think. Beyond a threshold, scale is not an objective for us,” says Francisco D’Souza. “We spend less time thinking about how you define the industry, how you define your peer set, and spend most of our time thinking about how to build our capability to be No. 1 in the minds of our customers.”

Talking about the reasons for Cognizant’s phenomenal growth, D’Souza says, “The first is our strategy to reinvest. We reinvest a lot more of our money into building our business than many of our peers. We’ve had this strategy ever since we took the company public in 1998 because we wanted to build global scale and capabilities. We invested in new markets, innovations and services faster than others, and that meant higher growth. The second reason is we put together one of the best teams in the industry, an extraordinarily talented group that was focused on doing the right things for the customer.”

D’Souza adds, “Our clients are seeing a great deal of variability in the demand for their goods and services. So they want their cost structures to be more agile. We are helping them become more agile in costs, in how they approach their clients, through technologies like mobility and cloud. The volatility itself is a catalyst for our services.”

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